5 Strategies on How To Increase Real Estate Sales in this COVID-19 Pandemic.

The real estate market is different as has its own peculiarities both in sales and marketing unlike many other businesses. The daunting thought of most real estate sales agents, marketers and businesses is; how do I improve sales? – Whether to invest on existing clients for referrals or to find new lead sources – and I can tell you for free, that many of the real estate agents are failing to grasp the market properly. 60% of real Estate business comes from client referrals and the word of mouth, yet many real estate companies continue to spend more money and resources on finding new ways of attracting new clients and not emphasizing on the area that brings them more – the cow doesn’t know the use of the tail until it is cut off.
Searching new frontiers for sales is not bad but in doing so, one question you must ask your self is this; is it the right way?
For now, let me show you how best to ensure your basket is full with the right strategies to improve sales and retain your amazing clients.

Establish constant contact with previous clients.
Although sales have taken place, but it is important to keep a tab on your previous successful clients – by this, I mean persons you have earlier sold a property to. There are many means to do this: it can be through phone calls, emails, monthly new month messages. By doing this, you keep them updated of your activities and progress and makes your name readily available in their lips for referral to anyone in their network.

Be active on social media networks.
You have to have visibility in most social media platforms especially the ones common in your locality. Apart from interaction, social media can enable you create a pool of clients and potential clients in one portal that enables you market to them effectively. Currently there is room for reviews on social media hence, your sales can be boosted if all your reviews can be brought together in one company page. Hence, the more effective you are at managing your social media presence and managing your review, the better reputation your business gets.

Incorporate virtual tours both online and offline.
This is currently the rave of the moment, with virtual tours you have a digital copy of your property! Hence, clients online both on social media and on your website can visit your properties and inspect them from their homes online as if they were there in the first place! This is also handy offline for your agents. It can also be shared to clients and potential clients alongside with the word of mouth. With this you would be nailing deals after deals in no time.

Advertise the Non-traditional way.
The time is ripe for you to evolve your marketing strategy. Billboards and leaflets are good but are things of the past now and also a reason why you are incurring many costs. Start using native ads today. It is also known as “sponsored content”, which are ads which look like articles and appear on news websites next to news articles but tend more than act like news articles.

Optimize your company page on google.
Take for instance you have an estate to sell in Abuja, you have a good social media presence, but your organization did not pop-up in the first two pages of a Google search then you still have a lot of work to do. This is because you can still lose out on good business. Hence it is important you integrate Search Engine Optimization in your strategies, because with this in place all other strategies listed above can be effectively harnessed to improve sales ultimately.
Tips; Google my business listing including Google street views and Google virtual tour and good reviews is a good way to start.

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